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The Functional Foot Map has been inspired by the original foot printing equipment and techniques used by Harris and Beath in their monumental ‘Army Foot Survey’ conducted in 1947 on 3,169 Canadian soldiers. Since 1947 various versions of the ‘Harris Mat’ or “pedograph’ have been produced which have varied considerably in their accuracy and durability due to their design and materials selected in their construction. 

The Functional Foot Map Pedograph has been created to be not only the best ‘Harris Mat’ in production but also the most accurate and durable clinical tool available to record and qualify the human footprint.

Lee Saxby has designed the Functional Foot Map system for therapists, trainers and coaches who understand the importance of the foot in human movement and require an efficient, repeatable and reliable method to assess foot function. The Functional Foot Map is a practical footprint analysis system that can be easily integrated into both clinical and gym environments.


  • Functional Foot Map Pedograph
  • Pack of Assessment Papers
  • Leak-proof Ink and Roller
  • Functional Foot Map Manual