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Functional Footwear defined

1- Foot-shaped design: A shoe should mimic the ‘fan-shape’ of a healthy unshod foot i.e. the widest part of the shoe should be the distance from the base of the great toe to the tip of the smallest toe (the toe-box). ‘Wide’ shoes that are not foot shaped are just as harmful to foot function as narrow shoe-shaped shoes.

2- Flat sole: The weight–bearing area of the sole should be flat to the floor to provide maximum surface area.

3- No toe-spring: The toes can only perform their stabilising role if they are in contact with the ground.


Why don’t you include the thickness of the soles in your product descriptions?

Choosing a shoe size based on the millimetres thickness of the sole belittles the experience of wearing Joe Nimble functional footwear. For those who need to know the thickness of our soles:

  • Nimble sole - 4mm sole Vibram used on our city and sports shoes.
  • Terrain sole - 6mm Vibram sole used on our year-round, winter and all-terrain shoes.
  • City sole - 4mm formal outsole used on our business collection.

What is the Joe Nimble footbed system?

Our footbed system allows the wearer to adjust the footwear's characteristics to suit their individual health and activity:

  • Comfort footbed - for everyday use
  • Performance footbed - for sports
  • Winter footbed - for cold weather
  • Flexitec footbed - for uneven terrain and/or unstable feet/ankles.

Are your women's shoes narrower than men's?

No, Joe Nimble's ladies shoes are the same width as mens shoes (for the same size). All Joe Nimble functional footwear follow the toefreedom principle developed by Christian Baer more than 30 years ago.