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98 percent of children are born with healthy feet. As adults, two thirds of the people have foot problems. The cause? Wrong shoes in childhood!

The advice that ‘a child’s shoe must have  one-and-a-half fingers of space at the toes, is good advice in terms of providing enough room for the foot to grow in length but what about providing the foot enough room to grow in width? This is where the conventional approach to  children’s shoe construction and fitting advice is not only lacking but potentially detrimental to the natural development of your child’s foot, as the classic last of a children's shoe is narrow, symmetrical and squeezes the toes together providing no room for growth.

The children themselves usually accept this without complaint. Their feet consist of cartilage up to the age of eight, which only gradually ossifies and thus impairs the natural feeling of pain. The biomechanical consequences, however, become apparent early on: As early as the age of ten, children's feet can develop a hallux valgus, which is directly related to the habitual use of tight, pointed shoes.

Enough of that! Based on 40 years of experience with toefreedom®, Joe Nimble developed his first children's shoe together with a team of biomechanics and experts from the shoe industry. As in all of our shoes, the focus is on more freedom for the toes. In the new playToes, the children's toes can naturally splay and thus better stabilize the movement of the entire body.

The ball and heel of the child's foot are also at the same level in the new playToes. After all, no child is born with a raised heel.  We  have also applied an intelligent level of cushioning to the midsole in order protect the young and growing skeletal system from the high levels of impact encountered when jumping and running on hard, engineered surfaces but not too much so that the foot can still perform it’s natural sensory role during movement.


As a mid-sized family business in the heart of Germany, we focus on short transportation distances and manufacture the playToes here locally.

  • Concept developed by biomechanics and shoe experts
  • Less risk of injury through optimal body stabilization
  • Maximum toefreedom®
  • Zero heel elevation
  • Perfect cushioning on many floors
  • Secure hold in the shoe
  • Soft padding on the ankle and Achilles tendon

Find out more about our children's shoes HERE!

You don’t know exactly what size shoe your child has? Here you can find our size template for downloading and printing: Download

Upper material:RipStop textile
Lining material: textile
Sole: Soft and flexible Kids sole (PU mid-sole) with abrasion-resistant PU Outsole and with healthy and spine-friendly zero heel elevation (ball and heel of the foot on one level); no toe spring
Insole: antibacterial latex footbed with textile cover
Weight: 160 grams (depending on size)


Style:Lace-ups, Trainers 
Activity:Casual Shoes, Sports Shoes 
Sole Type:<10 mm 
Season:Spring, Summer, Autumn 
Material:PU, Vegan Shoes, lining: textile, sole: PU / rubber
PayToes Kids
PayToes Kids
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