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Joe Nimble


Flexitec footbed

Size Guide

Human beings have traditionally used footwear to enable the vulnerable human foot to cope with the challenges of difficult terrain and climate. The footwear developed by traditional running cultures across the globe utilize local materials for their protective and stabilizing properties.

The Flexitec footbed is designed for situations where sensory feedback is less important than protection and stability e.g. trail running/hiking over uneven terrain.

The Flexitec footbed contains a layer of spring steel with folds that maintains physiological unrestricted range of the foot and ankle in the sagittal plane (forward motion during walking/running) but restricts undesirable movements in the transverse/frontal planes (rotational and lateral).

  • in the case of half-size, please order the following full size: eg shoes of size 5.5 will need flexitec of size 6.0 and so on.