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At Joe Nimble, we make all our shoes in half sizes! That actually means more effort for us, but also a better fitting shoe for you. Nothing is more damaging and uncomfortable than a shoe that pinches or does not fit well.

Measure your foot size. 

You only need a sheet of paper, a pencil and ruler or measuring tape.

This is how it works: Stand on the paper with both feet while you are wearing socks. Simply trace around the outline of your feet with a pencil one after the other. 

Important: Always hold the pencil upright on the paper, not leaning to the inside or outside in order to get an accurate result. Now simply measure the length of your drawing. Measure from the big toe to the centre of your heel. If your feet are different sizes, then the bigger one determines the shoe size. Compare the measured length with the table on the side. Add 4 mm of space and compare the resulting figure with the enclosed table.

Joe Nimble shoes are unique as they are constructed on a asymmetrical last, i.e. a foot-shaped last. Virtually all shoe brands including ‘barefoot shoe’ brands use a symmetrical last, i.e. shoe-shaped. Therefore your size might be different to what you have experienced before.