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Joe Nimble


nimbleToes Trail ADDICT Sand

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✔  Secure grip with Soles-by-Michelin sole technology
✔  Wider, anatomically correct toe box for stable push-off
✔  light, direct running experience
✔  robust, breathable rip-stop upper material


The nimbleToes Trail Addict is ideal for runners who run off the beaten track as well as trail runners. The sole technology, developed in collaboration with Soles by Michelin, offers extra grip through multidirectional lugs. The rubber compound of the outsole has been significantly improved to create an even better abrasion/ground grip ratio. In addition, the 10mm EVA midsole with zero heel drop provides the perfect fusion of cushioning, flexibility and direct ground feel for a light, direct running experience. The wide, anatomically correct toe box allows the toes to splay - allowing them to perform their natural stabilising function during the ground contact and push-off phases. This prevents the overpronation so feared by runners. The stability, so central to the runner, is ensured by Joe Nimble's toefreedom® philosophy. The soft ripstop upper is robust and breathable at the same time. A second eyelet at the end of the lacing section also makes marathon lacing possible. As a highlight, a special process in sole casting by CAMO BLENDING makes each shoe unique. The process allows two colors to merge naturally, which means that no soles are the same and a particularly unique pattern is created. 

In medium sizes, a shoe weighs <290 grams. The additional  Flexitec footbed is the ideal supplementary equipment for runs on particularly technical trails: simply placed under the existing insole, it the lightweight spring steel core protects the foot from injury from sharp stones or roots and promotes natural pressure distribution under the metatarsal heads.

OUR ADVICE: After approx. 500km´s of overall running distance, the Addict footbed may have worn down a bit and should be replaced with a new one in order to avoid pain or injuries. Whether this is the case after 500km´s or only after 800km´s depends on your individual situation. It's best to listen to your body carefully, then you are probably on track. You can find the replacement Addict footbeds in ACCESSORIES.

Upper material: durable rip stop mesh
Lining material: textile
Sole: Trail Running Sole (6mm with cleats for optimal traction) from ´Soles by Michelin´ (EVA midsole) with zero heel (ball and heel of the foot on one level); no toe spring
Insole: Addict Footbed (6mm) with EVA with textile cover and 3mm heel pad
Weight: < 290 grams (depending on size)


EAN: 4062784086706
Style: Lace-ups, Trainers
Activity: Casual Shoes, Running Shoes, Trail, Trailrunning
Sole Type: 10 mm
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, New Collection
Material: Vegan Shoes